Hey everyone! Today we would like to address something we consider to be a very important subject regarding methods and tools used for taking wallet snapshots and executing bulk token distributions/airdrops on Solana. With the Solana network being so open and inviting to new people, and generally focused on educating and introducing newcomers into the world of crypto, we feel that having a ready set of advanced tools to interact directly with the blockchain should be available to everyone for free.

Considering SAMO strives to provide quality crypto education to both its holders and everyone willing to get involved, as well as be a user-friendly entry point into the world of crypto on Solana, we have decided to open source all of our bulk distribution tools and release them to the public for all of you to check out and use.

The included tools enable you to get lists of any token holders/mints with min/max/random distributions as well as flat and proportional airdrop options. The scripts were designed for linux usage in python by our dev team and tailored for our purposes. Please keep in mind that they might not work directly out of the box for what you might have in mind. We also put our best efforts into providing detailed documentation and instructions on how to use the tools so you may put them to good use or make them understandable to a degree that will enable you to make your own modifications so that they may work even better for your project. We encourage you to give them a try, although we suggest you get familiar with using them in testnet or devnet environments before trying something for real on mainet.

The tools can be found on our github repository along with all of the documentation and readme files. If you come across any problems or have any questions, feel free to ask for support on our Discord server in #samo-tools-support.